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Kids Button


Children's Button, Nylon Button,Novelty Buttons,Decorative Buttons

Kids Button - X012-3923-34L. Kids Button Nylon Button Kids Button Nylon Button
Basic stock color: All in White Basic Material: White dyeable nylon Basic dyed in colored charge: US$10 per color


Nylon, ABS


Can be dyed in any colors.


2-PCS or 3-PCS button assembled. Can be plated in any metallic finished, such as: Anti Brass, Anti Copper, Black Nickel, Gold, Silver, Anti Gold, Anti Silver.

Minimum Order Quantity

21mm: 50grs/Color 25mm: 50grs/Color Surcharge: US$10/color Can be assorted colors in 50grs


Small parcel by Fedex IE
Shipping method depends on the goods volume


X012-3923(21mm) X012-3923(21mm)
X012-3940(25mm) X012-3940(25mm)
X012-5204(21mm) X012-5204(21mm)

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X012-5312 Heart Button

A 3-pcs assembled button
Basic stock color: white

X012-3929 Heart Button

A 3-pcs assembled button
Basic stock color: white

X012-5210 Heart Button

A 2-pcs assembled button
Basic stock color: All in white

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